Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is easy with Sol Potion.  Our team of chemists will create the exact formula you are looking for.Sol Potion Solutions

  • Choose from 5% to 14% DHA levels
  • Custom fragrances
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Small to large runs with total flexibility
  • Commitment to consistency and superior quality
  • Experienced technical staff
  • Overseas shipping programs
  • Drum or bottle filling capabilities
  • Custom Research & Development Options

Can I private label your existing products?

Yes.  We can ship white label or with your own custom design label. We have working relationships with local US label companies. We will provide you with their information.

Can I create my own formula?

Yes.  We offer custom-developed formulas. Our staff will work closely with yours to create exactly what you need to complete your product line. We can help you design your own signature formula.

Can my own product line be resold to another client?

Absolutely not!  All custom formulas are proprietary.  Only authorized personnel are allowed to view the formulas.

What are your order lead times?

Initial order is a 4 week lead.  Re-order lead times are 2 to 4 weeks or sooner.

How do I get the product to my location?

Clients are responsible for transportation of all products.  We will securely package your product on pallets complete with shrink wrap and corner protectors.

How to reach a Sol Potion sales person?

Go to our contacts page and email us.  A sales person will contact you.

Do I need additional certification of products that I purchase from Sol Potion?

Certain countries have specific product requirements and certifications needed to retail skincare in their country. Due to the different requirements that may be needed we cannot offer certification at this time, but are happy to assist our clients in obtaining them.