Private Label

Private Labeling with Sol Potion

If you are looking for a complete line of professional sunless solutions and supportive sunless skincare private label may be the right option for you.

Keep your affiliation with SolPotion a secret from your competitors; private label your products

  • Established successful formulas
  • Use our existing fragrance or choose your own
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Small to large runs with total flexibility
  • Commitment to consistency and superior quality
  • Secure overseas shipping available
  • Create your own formula base

Why should I consider Private Label Products?

If your customers are loyal to you they will be loyal to your brand name product line.

What is your minimum order?

Because we control all aspects of production, our minimums are low and affordable. Low minimums give our customers the ability to afford to private label multiple products.  Multiple products in a single line lend more credibility to the name.

Do I need to have my own sunless solution and skincare formulas?

No. Our existing line has proven formulas that are available for your purchase.  Use our fragrance or choose from our stock fragrances.

Can I make my own formula?

Yes. We have an R&D department that will help you to create a formula that is perfect for your needs.

What are your order lead times?

Initial order is a 4 weeks lead.  Re-order lead times are 2 to 4 weeks or sooner.

How do I get the product to my location?

Clients are responsible for transportation of all products.  We will securely package your product on pallets complete with shrink wrap and corner protectors.

How to reach a Sol Potion sales person?

Go to our contacts page and email us.  A sales person will contact you.