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Sol Potion: Sun-Inspired Beauty

    Sunless Skincare Preparations

    From sunless tanning products to general skincare including premium anti-aging products, we deliver at competitive pricing.  Sol Potion® uses cutting edge ingredients including Green & White Tea extracts, Wheat & Oat Peptides and Matrixyl* that when combined create a powerful skincare line guaranteed to keep skin hydrated and extend the life of a sunless tan.

    Luna Shimmer Serum

    Luna gives a luminescent glow that truly celebrates the skin. Unlike glitter drops or shimmer sprays, Luna is a sheer light lotion that contains luxurious blends of vitamins and botanicals that will keep the skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant. Luna was created to go on exactly where you put it and lasts all day and night.

    Blue Seas Exfoliating Sunless Body Prep

    Blue Seas Exfoliating Sunless Body Prep is a must use product to slough dead skin cells before any tanning treatment.  Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Blue Seas will gently smooth away dead skin cells and impurities that can hinder the results of an airbrush tan.  This scrub is not oil-based and perfect for use in the shower.

    Ritual Tan Extender

    Ritual Tan Extender Ritual Tan Extender has a double power bronzer that will keep an airbrush looking fresh in between sessions. Innovative bronzing agents including DHA and Erythrulose will give skin a warm glow and extend the life of a sunless tan.

    Essential oils (Jojoba, Hemp, Sweet Almond) and powerful vitamins provide a richer, longer lasting tan that revitalizes and hydrate the skin.

    Self-Tanning Mousse

    The Sol Potion® Self-Tanning Mousse is perfect for anyone looking to get a natural-looking, streak-free bronze glow that dries in an instant. Infused with conditioning Olive and Sunflower Oils, which provides outstanding skin conditioning. Our streak-free tinted formula will ensure your clients know where to apply the tan for a perfect application every time!

    Sol Potion® Lotion

    SolPotion LotionSol Potion® Lotion contains luxurious blends of vitamins, botanicals and extracts that will leave skin feeling fresh and looking radiant.  Perfect for hydrating sunless tans or to use as a daily moisturizer. This anti-wrinkle peptide formula, infused with anti-aging properties, is also the perfect daily lotion for tired dry skin.

    * Matrixyl is an ingredient that is clinically proven to fight wrinkles and signs of pre-mature aging.